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Travel | Cinque Terre | Italy

Two years ago, my younger brother and I took a two week trip to northern Italy right after he graduated from Clemson University. I remember being excited about spending time with him, but not really about going to Italy. I can't remember why anymore. I think I dreamt of small mountain towns in Austria and rainy afternoon walks in Scotland. But there I was about to go to Italy with my brother. It turned out to be one of the best adventures I've had so far.

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The Eubanks Family | Lexington, SC

Sometimes I forget about the hidden beautiful places in my hometown, simply because it all seems so familiar. While looking for a location for this family session, I stumbled upon Virginia Hylton Park and fell in love with all of its quiet walkways and dappled light. It reminded me of the hours I spent there playing and wandering with my brother when we were kids, and I knew I had to come here with the Eubanks.

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Lifestyle | Lake Murray Purple Martins | Lexington, SC

Sometimes you have nights that are so epic and filled to the brim with larger than life moments that they seem like they never happened when you wake up the next morning. Other times you have nights that are pure happiness and gratitude because the people and the food and the sunset and the breeze speak life to your soul. This was one of those nights.

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