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Family | The Wingards | Gilbert, SC

Time is a crazy crazy thing and despite my wishes, these three kiddos keep getting older. They're growing up to be pretty fantastic people though, so I guess I don't mind. This was the first fall family session I did this year, and it was a good one. I love when families go out on a limb and do something a little wacky like making a human pyramid (yep, these Wingards did that)!

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The Eubanks Family | Lexington, SC

Sometimes I forget about the hidden beautiful places in my hometown, simply because it all seems so familiar. While looking for a location for this family session, I stumbled upon Virginia Hylton Park and fell in love with all of its quiet walkways and dappled light. It reminded me of the hours I spent there playing and wandering with my brother when we were kids, and I knew I had to come here with the Eubanks.

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