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2017 | A Year in Review

Over the last few days, I've been reflecting on this past year. It feels like it went by so quickly, and yet it took me almost three hours to go through all of my photos from 2017 and choose my favorites. It was a good process for me though, because it's been easy for me at various points during the year to become discouraged about my work: Am I growing artistically? Do these images portray the serious joy of life that I want them to? At the core, are these even beautiful? Combing through my hard drive this afternoon turned out to be a really good exercise in observing that practice makes progress.

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Lifestyle | Lake Murray Purple Martins | Lexington, SC

Sometimes you have nights that are so epic and filled to the brim with larger than life moments that they seem like they never happened when you wake up the next morning. Other times you have nights that are pure happiness and gratitude because the people and the food and the sunset and the breeze speak life to your soul. This was one of those nights.

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