Travel | Verona | Italy

I've never been a fan of Shakespeare. To be honest, I think he's a little overrated and ridiculous. So why did we visit Verona?

Well, it definitely wasn't to see Juliet's famous balcony. (We did see it, and we were promptly underwhelmed.) But to our surprise, Verona turned out to be a favorite place and we wish we had stayed there longer. It boasts a beautiful cityscape that can be admired from a hilltop castle across the river, the oldest wine bar in Europe, an arena 40 years older than the coliseum in Rome, and delicious cuisine rooted in the region's rich Slavic and Roman history.

When I was compiling this post, I noticed that most of my pictures from Verona are vertical, rather than horizontal. In Cinque Terre, my camera followed the wide landscapes. In Florence, I had a bit more variety based on my subjects. But here in Verona, I found myself constantly looking up at all the warm toned buildings, the wrought iron balconies, and the cascading plants. It was a reminder to slow down, to cultivate beauty in the small ways.