Family | The Wingards | Gilbert, SC

Time is a crazy crazy thing and despite my wishes, these three kiddos keep getting older. They're growing up to be pretty fantastic people though, so I guess I don't mind. This was the first fall family session I did this year, and it was a good one. I love when families go out on a limb and do something a little wacky like making a human pyramid (yep, these Wingards did that)!

The Lord gave the world the gift of family and although sometimes we might wish we had a say in the matter, the truth is that He providentially places us in our families to be a means of encouragement and comfort for each other. My Uncle Charles works hard to provide for his family. My Aunt Jan loves her kiddos with a fierce devotion. Mary Grace is learning how to take her place as an older sister modeling vulnerability and grace for herself and others. Caroline infuses everything she does with an unstoppable energy that you can't help but get on board with it. And Clark considers everyone around him, even people he's only met once, always asking questions about their lives and wellbeing. Hopefully you'll catch a glimpse of those things in the photos below!