Travel | Oregon

Last month I traveled to Oregon, where I spent a beautiful ten days soaking up crisp mountain air, catching up with dear friends, and exploring places I'd only heard of. Next to Texas, Oregon has the other half of my heart - I can barely even write this post because tears of longing are actually forming in my eyes right now. (Sidenote: Does anyone else feel like adulthood makes you more weepy?) And it's more than just the evergreens and the coffee and the cool mornings. All of my travels to Oregon can be most likened to a trip to Narnia. It's an adventure, to be sure, but there's always some lesson to be learned, some new way the Lord teaches me to trust Him. 

Here's how the Holy Spirit met me in Oregon. 

This summer was one of the best, filled with bright hope and new beginnings. This summer was also really hard, littered with valleys dark and lonely. But the most reassuring and encouraging truth is this: the Lord sees me. And not only does He see me, He also knows me fully. He knows every part of my heart, even the places I don't want to admit are there. But it goes even further. God sees me, He knows me, and yet He doesn't turn away. When I really own up to my sin and my brokenness, it's not a pretty picture. I don't want to look at it. But Jesus does. He sees me, wraps me up in grace and mercy, and is transforming me into something beautiful.

And now here are some pretty pictures for you to look at.