Travel | Cinque Terre | Italy

Two years ago, my younger brother and I took a two week trip to northern Italy right after he graduated from Clemson University. I remember being excited about spending time with him, but not really about going to Italy. I can't remember why anymore. I think I dreamt of small mountain towns in Austria and rainy afternoon walks in Scotland. But there I was about to go to Italy with my brother. It turned out to be one of the best adventures I've had so far. 

Last year, in an epic saga involving damaged hard drives and so little money, I had given up hope of ever seeing these beloved pictures again. But then one day, the hard drive was fixed, my files recovered, and I was reunited with treasured memories that I've decided to now share with you.

After arriving in Milan, we took a train to Genova, where we stayed the night before hopping on another train to Cinque Terre. Upon arriving in Corniglia, the smallest of Cinque Terre's five major towns, we quickly realized that the actual town was high above the train station. The bus to the town quickly filled up and we were left to either climb the Lardarina, a stairway with 382 steps, or walk a mile up (almost quite literally) the road. We chose the road, and ended up being accompanied by a sweet old lady named Angelina who helped us find our host, Lidia. 

Although I loved exploring the other towns and stumbling upon the most beautiful views I have ever seen, my favorite part of Cinque Terre was simply coming back to Corniglia. With only 400 residents, it's quiet and feels like somewhere I'd want to call home. Robert and I would have dinner at one of the restaurants in town, get our fifth scoop of gelato for the day, and then come back to the apartment to watch the sunset over the Mediterranean. In the morning, we'd have breakfast at a cafe across the piazza and then head off on another day of exploring.

Allora, enjoy this first collection from our time in Cinque Terre.