The Diaz Family | Columbia, SC

I'm finding this season of life to be quieter than most. Most days it's just me, working at the desk my grandmother gave to my mother, sipping coffee, editing photos, creating new designs, figuring out how to make my business thrive, filling out seminary applications. The quiet and steady pace is refreshing, and it has been so healing to stand still and to watch redemption unfolding through the people I get to photograph. 

A couple months ago my friend, Zeke, contacted me about giving a session to his cousin for Christmas, and my immediate thought was, "This is a totally awesome idea. Sign me up." Well he did obviously, and a few weeks later I met Steve, Laura, and baby Thomas for their session at the Governor's Mansion

I loved so many things about this session: the way Steve's face softens when Laura smiles; the way Laura leans into Steve with affection; the wonder they each have when they look at their firstborn; the story Steve told about Zeke's parents influencing him to move to Columbia to plant a Hispanic church. 

The Lord reminded me of how bonds forged in His name run deep and that the body of Christ truly is family.